Posh veggies for dinner

I love watching cooking shows and I often hear certain phrases or ingredients that seem to stick in my mind, especially when the contestants describe their scrummy looking dishes with vivid vocabularly!

One such example is a description of a dish where it is served  "... on a bed of celeriac purée .." Just sounds so exotic! I guess I must talk about it a lot too- as the other day the hubby went out to the store (sorry not the local market...this time) and brought me a medium sized sandy little vegetable and proudly presented it to me as "celeriac as you hear your favourite posh people make!"  (he's so embarrassing!)

Celeriac Two Ways
Nonetheless, I was intrigued and so I googled some ideas and found two great recipes to make that day for dinner. I even made a little for my baby as mash (the celeriac puree!) as it's texture lends itself to lovely and smooth for little mouths :)

So here is my recipe for celeriac two ways... quite yummy and works great as a side.

Posted recipe on @halaalrecipes 

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