Turkish Tales : Our First Grocery Shopping Trip


Here in Istanbul, a trip to the supermarket is not the most simple of events I'm afraid to say! Maybe in time it will become second nature, but for now it is a marked event requiring company, Google Translate and a plan for how to bring back the stuff that we buy (as we do not have a car due to logistics of driving here and generally no need).

We chose to go to our local Migros supermarket (a cool five minute walk away from home) and took a huge backpack to hold our purchased items. My hubby's basic Turkish saved us time as we look for rice, low fat milk and cereals in the smart supermarket. And for the rest of the things, we used our friendly Google Translate app to scan items on the shelves especially when distinguishing between tomato paste, tomato puree and chopped tomato (which by the way is a beautiful red and tastes like the fresh delicious tomatoes we enjoyed in Rome).

We didn't manage to find everything on our list such as condensed milk and bran flakes. We did have some surprise finds such as what smelt like strong green chillies as well as frozen and pre-prepared artichokes which would make for a unique side dish one day I thought to myself mentally building up a menu. Other exciting prospects included knowing that all the ice cream is halaal - so we can enjoy the beautiful ice creams we longed for in the UK but could not have such as Carte 'dor and Cornetto, yippee!

It's also such a pleasure seeing our favourite jelly sweets amply stacked up in the local supermarket - the sour cola bottles you could only get in Dubai and now it's no longer even available at the Dubai airport so we will be shipping these back home alot I imagine!

We pay for our items and pack it all into my hubbys large backpack to transport it back home. Supermarket trip #1 complete!

I have already started my list though of items to look out for at other stores - and for people to bring when they come over to visit Insha Allah!

Shopping it up,


Have you just moved to turkey? :)
Im Albanian and my husband is half Albanian half turkish. Was doing muslimah blog shopping and masha Allah I stumbled across ur page. Nice to meet u love ♥
Muslimah4life said…
Ws. Yes, Im here for about a year. wow thats fantastic! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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