You know what, do we truly know what submission is? Im not sure we understand what it means truly? I certainly found it difficult to do..I really really want something (this job), but then my dua to Allah is that I completely submit to you Allah and only if this job is good for me, for my Islam and my future, then grant it to me IA. Otherwise, turn it away. I will do the most that I can do and leave the rest to Allah..
Easier said than done!!
Can we truly let go and leave it to Allah? whats the balance between wanting something so bad and actually just leaving to Allah to judge whats best? we are so limited in our knowlegdge,only Allah sees the bigger picture. We have to trust in that. Truly trust and let go
Inshallah, thats what I plan on doing right now.
Oh Allah, in my limited knowledge this is my dream job and I really want it. But Allah what I want more is YOUR guidance and intervention. So please if this job is right for me and will bring me closer to my goals and to you, then please make it possible for me to attain easily. If not, please turn it away. Please grant me sabr to deal with the consequence and to accept YOUR plan. Aameen
Striving towards a better life,


Roshan said…
I love your dua, it's beautiful. I now have more words to add onto mine! I'll just change what I'm asking for, cos in my case I have no idea... just wants what's best..

Agree totally. I know you wrote this years ago, but it still resonates with me today as I read it..

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